Ariana Grande a big star on the rise

The past week has been one of mixed fortunes for Ariana Grande. In a move reminiscent of her collaboration in 2013 with Mac Miller, in the song, “The Way” in 2013, last week it emerged that Mac Miller had dropped some verses in Ariana’s latest remix release, “Into You”. However, this is not all, in tandem with the release, rumors have been abuzz that Ariana could have found love in Mac Miller. The two have notably been having good time away from the production studies, most notably being the sporting of the two kissing each outside a Californian Sushi restaurant.

Do not be mistaken though, when asked about it on Tuesday night, Ariana cleverly avoiding the question instead stating, “I love my MAC…lipstick. This is the MAC I’m here to talk about today,” she replied to the E! News reporter. What a way to dodge a question?

In the past week, it has also emerged that Ariana will be performing alongside Nicki Minaj at this year’s VMAs set to be host at Madison Square Garden and as rumors have it, Mac might just make a surprise appearance.

Nonetheless, it has not been a bag of roses all the way for Ariana, more especially in light of suit against her hit song, “One Last Time,” that according to Alex Greggs borrows a chorus from his copyrighted 2012 tune titled, “Takes All Night”. If the suit is successful, Ariana might just have to share the song’s proceeds with the songwriter. However, the limelight will remain on the confirmation that Ariana and Niki Minaj will be reuniting in performance and the VMA.

Kaley Cuoco and The Big Bang Theory success

Kaley has the “The Big Bang Theory” look down. Her May cover showcases her megawatt smile and flirty, fun personality. And in true “The Big Bang Theory” nature, Kaley is rocking jean cut offs and a tank. You can’t help yet adore her a tiny bit more. The thirty-year-old strolled off with the aggregate of her alleged 72 million dollars “Big Bang Theory” contract, as indicated by a settlement understanding got by TMZ. Under her prenuptial contract, she will also get to keep the couple’s homes in Tarzana and Santa Barbara.

The “Theory of how things came to be” on-screen character petitioned for separation from Sweeting after under two years of marriage. Sweeting allegedly petitioned for spousal backing after the split, yet it doesn’t appear as though he got what he was requesting. No word his boyfriend who is a tennis player has been up to following the split. However, Cuoco was once found getting comfortable with expert equestrian Karl Cook.

Actress Kaley is the freshest celeb to color her hair pink. For Kaley Cuoco, hacking off a couple of inches of her hair and biting the dust it a marginally darker shade of fair is sufficient to end up her “Theory of prehistoric cosmic detonation” character, Penny. The actress, who lately began shooting Season ten with the rest of the cast, posted celebrity images of her “transformation” on Instagram.

Like many celebrities, as she was celebrating America’s birthday, she posted her dog that sour. As indicated by The New York Post, the picture started shock on the web, with clients disgracing Cuoco for posting a picture of the American banner on the ground. Cuoco has yet to react to the kickback. However, the photograph has been brought down from her Instagram account. Besides all the doggy show, the on-screen character still appears to have had fun in July this year. She kicked things off by airing out a cool brew with her sweetheart, Karl Cook, and the two later flaunted their enthusiastic style.


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